A few of the perennials that I have popping up right now.  Here’s everything I sowed this winter.

More Verbascums!

My Verbascum epixanthimum plants, started from seed a couple of years ago, are getting ready to bolt and flower.  Fuzzy, but not as fuzzy as ‘Arctic Summer’ with a golden tint to the fuzz.  From photos I’ve seen I expect a shorter spike with a denser arrangement of flowers.

unknown Dicentra and Trillium

After almost dying in a 4” pot during last years Spring drought, my Corydalis temulifolia is getting big.

LOTS of Digitalis ferruginea seedlings

Sometimes “tumescent” is the only word that can really describe a Spring garden.

Aquilegia foliage captures some of the torrential rain we’ve been getting.

Corydalis ‘Bronze Beauty’ looking mystical.

Early sowing seed order!