Foliage Follow Up: Salix magnifca lives up to it’s name.

Disporum cantoniense ‘Night Heron’

This came in a packet of mixed Dicentra seeds.  So much classier than the standard Bleeding Heart.

There’s something special about Trilliums.

This is how I start my seeds outdoors in the winter.  I put a cap on it (you can see the blue one in the background a bit), and drill holes in the top and bottom.  I use potting soil, NOT seed starting mix.  The washed gravel is an experiment.  Seen here is Cenolophium denudatum now and sown in early January.

Spring is almost here and with it comes a new camera.  Now that I have some more daylight, you can expect to see more updates from me.

crazy mystery salvia

The Joy of Foliage